Present when you need help

Emergency service 24h

Call the emergency number 0500 565 666

Help around the clock! Sewer works with 24h emergency service in Helsinki and the metropolitan area

Trouble doesn't always keep time. Therefore, Imumestarit is ready to help at any day of the week or time of day, even rushing from the holiday table if necessary. 

We are reachable whenever you need help with sewers, wells, or other pipe-related problems in your property. 

Order us on-site from the emergency number 

0500 565 666

Call the emergency number 0500 565 666

All our services also in urgent situations

  • Drain openings: Drain blockages can cause sudden and troublesome situations. We are ready to open blocked drains quickly and efficiently.
  • Emptying of wells: Regular maintenance and emptying of wells is important, and you can always rely on us for this task.
  • Sewer inspections: Locating the precise problem is the first step in repairs. We use the latest technology in sewer inspections.
  • High-power vacuuming: We perform even the most demanding vacuuming and cleaning quickly and efficiently.
  • Steam thawing: Preventing freezing is particularly important in winter. Steam thawing helps keep sewers in good condition.
  • Sewer flushing: Regular flushing keeps the sewers clean and functional.
Call the emergency number 0500 565 666
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